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Virtual Offices

'Virtual' means faster responses, faster legal solutions, at an affordable cost for our clients.

Adaptive Law

Whether we're discussing recent developments in crypto-currency law or changes to small business tax law, we integrate our practice with technology to stay in-the-know.

We are Lawyers who Practice Business

Business is a skill, and we don't stop at 10,000 hours.


We provide a wide range of legal services. While we prefer to practice business law, we also assist clients with other matters including:
  • Family Business Counsel

  • Estate Planning

  • Corporate Restructuring

  • Corporate Governance

  • Top-Down Company Analysis

  • Disputes & Negotiations

  • Contracts & Documents

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Top-Down Analysis

We start with the big picture, and then analyze the smaller components of your company. We suggest all our clients begin with a top-down analysis.

Estate Planning

We aid clients in navigating the complex financial, legal, and interpersonal issues that accompany estate planning.

Contracts + Documents

We draft and review contracts and documents for our clients. We believe that before you sign anything, a lawyer should review it first.

Family Business

We assist families in optimizing their legal structure and legal strategy for growth and expansion.

Corporate Governance

We help companies and family businesses improve their corporate governance practices and support boards in implementing effective corporate governance processes.

Corporate Restructuring

Incorporation is great, but it is often only step 1 in effective corporate structuring.

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