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Before we accept a new client, or receive any confidential information, we check to see if we have a conflict of interest.  
Send us an email at with the information below, and we will run a conflict check.

Are You a Person?

Please provide the following:

  • your full legal name; 

  • if you have business partners, their names; 

  • if you have a spouse, their name; 

  • if you are in a conflict with anyone, their name; 

  • co-plaintiffs; 

  • co-defendants. 

Are You a Company?

Please provide the following:

  • name of the company; 

  • business partners of the company; 

  • affiliates of the company; 

  • directors and officers of the company; 

  • any adverse parties of the company. 


After you have passed the conflict check, book an appointment and we can get started. 

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